Yuriy Dybskiy

Curious JavaScript Engineer, @html5cat

First Portland Meteor Meetup Feat. PhoneGap Team

Yesterday I hosted the fisrt Meteor meetup in Portland. We had an incredibly interesting crowd already and then PhoneGap team joined us to make it even more awesome!


An amazing group of 20 showed up representing all the possible age, interest and experience groups. For the first time since I started giving talks about Meteor, half a year ago, I was not the only one to present an app written using Meteor – John Brown showed us his creation – WritinGoal.

I have had more fun programming with Meteor than I have in quite a while.

John Brown Portland Meteorite

Photos or it didn’t happen

Vegan-gluten-free, vegetarian and meat pizzazz as well as 4 types of beer

Yours truly showing Van2Go app

Group photo including, but not limited to: @infil00p, @mwbrooks, @aniskadri, @gordtanner, @thisisjohnbrown and @znmeb

Thanks to everyone who attended!

Special thanks to Troy Howard for helping host the event at AppFog’s space. Troy is awesome.

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