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Driss Zouak on How to Write More

me: I keep running around instead of sitting down and writing code and posts. How do you get yourself to write so much? Is it something that needs to be forced in the beginning or once the proper project comes in, it will come naturally?

Driss: Would you like a real but very metaphysical answer?
It comes from realizing something, I believe.
I travel through time, and through places, by writing.
My body is limited in where I can go.
My finances are limited in where I can go.
But in the universe, you can fold every place unto itself, step from one end to the other, and then unfold it, and realize the distance you’ve traveled.
Now, practically speaking, what that means is that I have built up the skill in thinking, really thinking.
Stopping the world and thinking.
And I get tremendous joy out of a well sculpted story.
Some people feel the same way about painting or photography.
My writing has now made me interested in seeing some places, so that I can imagine my characters there.
I don’t know if that helps, but it is probably the most true answer I can give.