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Getting Started With Computer Security

I had a conversation with my uncle Michael recently about getting started with Computer Security. Here are some notes from that call. Input is very much appreciated as I’d like to make it a useful guide 🤓

There doesn’t seem to be a single place/course that is a good starting point. Field is pretty much defined by constant education, constant new attack vectors. Michael’s specialty — forensics and identity management, sometimes border line legal work. It’s a huge field: * Cryptography — why hash, why salted separately, basics (mathematical architecture) * Compression, entropy of information * Database security * Identity management

Steps to get started

Identity management, Cryptography 101

Some links

Latest hacks – https://h1.sintheticlabs.com/ NIST site — http://csrc.nist.gov/ http://sintheticlabs.com/tools.html https://h1.sintheticlabs.com/

//update via Steve Woodrow

Security courses at universities: