Yuriy Dybskiy

Curious JavaScript Engineer, @html5cat

Laptop Sticker Standard

or: “How standards are made on small scale”

Yesterday Max Ogden stopped by EsriPDX offices and amongst other things showed his new laptop sticker collection. We quickly agreed that there should be a standard for them and that the most useful one seems to be 2”x1.75” hexagons. I tweeted it and the reaction was way more amazing than I expected.

According to Twitter Analytics this tweet had “160x normal reach” (Update 285x as of Apr. 14).

I think there are two forces at play here:

  1. Max is undeniably awesome.
  2. Laptop sticker sizes are indeed in need of some standards.

Terin Stock and Jason Denizac were fiddling with this idea as well and Terin created a GitHub repo with the possible spec: https://github.com/terinjokes/StickerConstructorSpec

I’m very curious to see how this experiment goes. This could be a nice playground to see how standards are made and adopted.